September 26th, 2014 - by Pei Yeng

Harvest in Champagne region 2014

private champagne tour harvest

After few weeks of hard work, the harvest in Champagne region has finally ended this week.

This year the grapes are well ripen, healthy and juicy. Overall, the vine growers have a good yield and the wine makers think that 2014 will make a good vintage.

Early this year, the winter was very mild and in spring it was very sunny. The flowering was earlier and the grapes were growing very fast with the sunny weather. However in end of July it started to rain a lot for weeks. The heat and humidity can cause rot but luckily the temperature went down at night to keep the grapes healthy.

In end of August, the wineries started to prepare for the harvest. They picked up some grapes from the vineyard during several days to analyse the sugar and acidity level in order to decide the harvest date. Also, the press machine, tanks and the floor needed to be disinfected. Then, the harvest begins…

There are some interesting photos of the harvest in our Facebook fan page.