April 3rd, 2014 - by Pei Yeng

Pruning and blending

Paris Champagne Day Tour - discovering future Champagne rosé

This winter was very mild. We could say that we didn’t have winter at all!

At the beginning, most of the wine growers were worry that the vines would start to grow with this mild temperature. There was a risk to have winter frost and it’ll destroy the buds. Luckily the temperature was below 0°C at night and the vines were still in hibernation.

The wine growers were in a rush to finish all the works in the vineyard before the vines start to grow. Now they have finished the pruning and attached the vines on the line.

Meanwhile, the wine makers were busy tasting different still wines (from different grape varieties and different villages) in order to come out with a satisfied blend. After few weeks of work, finally the blending was done.

Next, in the beginning of April, it’ll be the bottling of still wine.

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