5 November 2018 - par Pei Yeng

Beautiful colors of autumn in the Champagne region

Fall in Champagne region

After the harvest, the vines slowly enter its dormancy period in autumn.

The leaves change color from green to yellow, orange or red and then drop one after another. Lire la suite…

25 October 2018 - par Pei Yeng

Harvest 2018 in Champagne region

Grapes from harvest 2018

The harvest of 2018 was extraordinary. The wine makers were very satisfied for the maturity, quality and quantity of the grapes. The grapes are in good condition, very rich in sugar and aromas.

This year the harvest started earlier than usual in August. According to The Comité Champagne (trade organization of Champagne), it is the fifth grape harvest started in August over the last fifteen years.

Champagne region experienced warm and shinny spring and summer, which helped the growth of the vines and the ripening of the grapes. Lire la suite…

19 June 2018 - par Pei Yeng

Fruit set in Champagne vineyard

Small berries in Champagne vineyard

The small green berries are formed after the flowers get fertilized.

Actually not every flower on the grape vines gets fertilized, the unfertilized flowers eventually fall from the vines.  Lire la suite…

6 June 2018 - par Pei Yeng

What can you do with your leftover Champagne?

Champagne cake

I know most of the time we manage to finish our bottle of Champagne. But if you do have some leftover, you can make a Champagne cake!

Here is a quick and easy Champagne cake recipe:

Serves : 4 people

Preparation time :10 minutes

Cooking time : 45 minutes Lire la suite…

30 May 2018 - par Pei Yeng

Do you know that we don't need honeybees to pollinate the grape vines?

Grapevine flower in Champagne

The flowers started to appear in the Champagne vineyard! We might expect to harvest the grapes in 90 to 100 days .

A lot of people asked me if grape vines need honeybees to produce the grapes. Actually they don’t! Grape vines are pollinated by the wind.  Lire la suite…

25 May 2018 - par Pei Yeng

Future grapes in Champagne

Future grapes

The landscape in Champagne region turned green.

26 September 2014 - par Pei Yeng

Harvest in Champagne region 2014

private champagne tour harvest

After few weeks of hard work, the harvest in Champagne region has finally ended this week.

This year the grapes are well ripen, healthy and juicy. Overall, the vine growers have a good yield and the wine makers think that 2014 will make a good vintage. Lire la suite…

23 September 2014 - par Pei Yeng

Private Champagne tours from Paris

Private Champagne tours from Paris

If visiting Paris for a few days, you shouldn’t miss the world famous Champagne-producing region that lies only 160km (100 miles) away.

Everybody knows the historical, romantic and cosmopolitan side of Paris, but very less people take time to discover its surrounding Champagne region and quaint vineyards. Right at the outskirts of Paris, one can visit impressive underground chalk cellars, meet wine makers to understand the Champagne-making processes, and discover different types of locally produced Champagne. Lire la suite…

3 April 2014 - par Pei Yeng

Pruning and blending

Paris Champagne Day Tour - discovering future Champagne rosé

This winter was very mild. We could say that we didn’t have winter at all!

At the beginning, most of the wine growers were worry that the vines would start to grow with this mild temperature. There was a risk to have winter frost and it’ll destroy the buds. Luckily the temperature was below 0°C at night and the vines were still in hibernation.

Lire la suite…

25 September 2013 - par Pei Yeng

Champagne grape harvest season

Champagne region - grape harvest

Come join us to experience the most important moment of the year!

After a cold winter and spring, luckily the summer has been sunny and now the grapes are finally ripen. All the wineries are busy doing the preparation for the most important moment of the year : the harvest. Lire la suite…